Catalina, Rose Bay

May 31, 2012

I’ve wanted to dine at Catalina since I first started working in advertising. It was mentioned often and always sounded wonderful. But back in the day I never got to go and with so many other places to choose from it somewhat dropped off my radar. As soon as I saw the offer of a […]

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Cala Luna

Cala Luna, Mosman (Relocated)

September 10, 2011

Dylan and I were recently offered to sample a new deal from the group buying website Ouffer. The deal was for lunch for two at Cala Luna in Mosman. We live quite far away from Mosman (then again we live quite far away from most places!) but having heard good things about the restaurant we […]

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Danks Street Depot

Danks Street Depot, Waterloo (Closed)

August 12, 2011

Another day, another Spreets deal. We are definitely suckers when it comes to any ‘coupon’ deal offering at times tremendous savings and when the deal is for a place on ‘The List’ all that remains is booking a table. The Danks Street Depot deal offered $78 of value for a mere $29, not something anyone […]

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Rambutan, Darlinghurst (Closed)

February 10, 2011

Having ventured to Rambutan a few times before, when we saw a Spreets deal offering value for a mere dollars it was a no-brainer. We booked quite a way in advance as the last few times we had been lucky to get any standing room downstairs let alone a table. On this occasion we arrived […]

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Tokonoma, Surry Hills (Relocated)

January 6, 2011

When a Spreets email came floating along with an offer for Tokonoma it was one we could not refuse. A two for one deal on their $90 Banquet that also included a bottle of White Wine. We arrived and all we needed to do was advise it was the ‘Spreets’ offer, hand over our vouchers […]

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