Billy Kwong Chinese Eating House

Billy Kwong, Surry Hills

October 1, 2014

When we got word that Kylie was moving her restaurant to Potts Point we lamented the fact that we had not returned since our very first visit (and very first blog post) nearly 5 years ago. It just so happened we spotted an Instagram by Kylie saying that for the last 19 days of service […]

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Flower Drum

Flower Drum, Melbourne

September 14, 2013

If you are someone who grew up eating Chinese food that was recreated by your Austrian mother from the ‘Women’s Weekly Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook’ like I was then you may have found that something was missing all these years. It’s not that my mum was an inept cook (quite the contrary), but for the […]

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New Shanghai

New Shanghai, Chatswood Chase, Chatswood

July 7, 2012

Hidden away in the corner of the food court at Chatswood Chase is New Shanghai, a Shanghai-style restaurant offering dim sim, soups, noodles, stir fries and desserts to hungry shoppers. Chatswood Chase is one of their five Sydney locations – the others being Ashfield (original), Chatswood (Lemon Grove Plaza), Bondi Junction and the newly opened […]

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Spice Temple

Spice Temple, Sydney

February 4, 2012

Birthdays were never a huge deal to me growing up. Yeah I loved getting presents (who doesn’t) but it was never some grand celebration I counted down the days for. Things changed when I met Lex because in her family birthdays are always celebrated with great fanfare, presents intricately wrapped and themed, your favourite food […]

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Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung, Sydney

February 1, 2012

Everyone has been to Din Tai Fung these days. Well everyone but me, not for any particular reason other than me being lazy. So I decided it was about time that I got off my butt and over to World Square. Now apparently the key to minimising the time spent waiting in line is to […]

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Bar H

Bar H, Surry Hills

September 9, 2011

Another day, another Spreets deal. We’d heard good things about Bar H and wanted to go there for ages but with this one coupon we were quite undecided as the value just didn’t seem to be there… sure for dinner for two sounded good, but we couldn’t see how it was worth 0. In the […]

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Thumbnail image for Chefs Gallery, Sydney

Chefs Gallery, Sydney

June 20, 2011

The first time we went to Chefs Gallery was a fly by visit before a performance at Town Hall, without much time to peruse the menu or try everything we wanted to, we were in and out in a flash. But that quick visit was all it took, we just knew we would have to […]

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Billy Kwong Chinese Eating House

Billy Kwong, Surry Hills (Relocated)

July 7, 2010

I had been talking about dining at Billy Kwong for years but never actually made it, so when Em wanted to catch up for dinner mid-week I decided enough talking about it, let’s do it. I left work and rushed up to Surry Hills to make it to the restaurant in time for opening – […]

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