Helm Bar

Helm Bar, Darling Harbour

June 23, 2012

When hidden away from the sun, in the shadow of buildings, the city did its best to pull the warmth right out of our bodies. But the moment we made it down to Darling Harbour the sun was beaming down with great fervour and it appeared that Sydney had put on a fantastic winter’s day. […]

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The Montpellier Public House

The Montpellier Public House, Randwick (Closed)

September 15, 2011

‘The List’ of restaurants seems to be never ending and it takes quite some time for us to actually get to restaurants on the list. We finally got to Restaurant Balzac in June and wished we’d got there so much earlier as it wasn’t long after our first visit that chef/owner Matthew Kemp announced he […]

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Bird Cow Fish

Bird Cow Fish, Surry Hills (Closed)

February 26, 2011

Getting up on the weekend for an early breakfast is hard enough but when heading into the city to have breakfast with friends it’s even harder. Luckily there is always another option, brunch. Having a full day booked out for wine tasting, lunch and dinner starting at Bird Cow Fish for brunch made perfect sense. […]

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