Sailors Thai Canteen, The Rocks

by dylan on August 27, 2011

Sailors Thai Canteen

Sailors Thai Canteen

With no real plan as to where we wanted to eat after attending KOFFIA at the Dendy I made a quick call to Azuma at Chiefly to see if there were any tables available. Of course being a Saturday night we were out of luck so we decided to wander down to The Rocks and see what grabbed our attention. Next we stopped at Sailors Thai but again it was fully booked. By this stage we had decided to have Thai so we popped upstairs to Sailors Thai Canteen and just hoped we wouldn’t have much of a wait to get a table.

We got inside and were happy to see there was enough room for us to get a spot right away. We opted to sit outside and got ourselves a nice table for two on the balcony looking out to the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Circular Quay.

The menu is nice and simple; a cut down version of what you would find at Sailors Thai Restaurant but perfect for a casual meal. It really reminded me of the Spice I Am menu and it appeared our selections would closely mirror that of our most recent trip there.

Spring rolls with prawns, mushrooms & bean sprouts ($12.00).

A slightly different flavour combination to most spring rolls I have eaten in recent times, the mushrooms really stood out as a great addition to the rolls. Generously filled with superbly cooked prawns, surrounded by lovely soft bean sprouts and wrapped in crispy, crunchy spring roll pastry. There were some great hints of pepper and the spicy and tangy dipping sauce really hit the spot.

Spring rolls with prawns, mushrooms & bean sprouts

Spring rolls with prawns, mushrooms & bean sprouts

Whole snapper with green mango salad in lime & chilli ($32.00).

After our Spice I Am whole snapper adventure this was the one dish Lex really wanted over everything else. I was a little unsure thinking it may be too much food for just the two of us but luckily in the end I caved. The snapper looked sensational. The flesh that had been cut away from the bone before frying was insanely crispy and as I pulled it away from the body the aroma of super fresh fish wafted around the table. I was in heaven, this is how fish-and-chip shop fish should be; crispy fried goodness on the outside and soft moist flesh in the inside. The salad of green mango, mint, coriander, cashews, chilli and lime ticked every box for me, almost every Thai flavour I love balanced to perfection.

Whole snapper with green mango salad in lime & chilli

Whole snapper with green mango salad in lime & chilli

Dry red curry stir fried with crisp pork belly & snake beans ($27.00).

Pork belly again! Oh yes, it seems that just like on Wayne’s World (“if you book them, they will come”) if you put this on your menu, I will order it. Stir fried with a red curry paste really brought out the smoky flavour of the dried red chillies used to make the paste and there was a great deep flavour from the caramelisation of the paste when fried. A nice and spicy dish with super crispy and super chewy pork belly, fine slithers of kaffir lime leaves and wonderful snake beans with their super cool squeaky texture.

Dry red curry stir fried with crisp pork belly & snake beans

Dry red curry stir fried with crisp pork belly & snake beans

See Saw Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2010 ($29.00)

By the end of the meal Lex and I were both quite happy we ended up at Sailors Thai and only cursing the fact that we were so full the desserts would yet again have to wait until next time. I do feel the prices are a little higher than most other Thai places around, but you do get what you pay for and I personally have no issue paying a little premium for such quality.

Sailors Thai Canteen
106 George Street
The Rocks NSW 2000
(02) 9251 2466
Sailors Thai Website

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