Fix St James, Sydney

by lex on May 27, 2011

Fix St James

Fix St James

Em and I were organising a girl’s night and had been throwing around a few suggestions of where we could go, Em suggested Fix St James having been there before and highly recommending it and I’d wanted to check it out for quite some time so we locked it in. As soon as I mentioned our choice to Dylan, he decided he couldn’t miss out and if it was ok with us he would come along just for dinner and after he left we could start our girl’s night.

Dinner was an easy choice, we’d just let the kitchen decide for us! We quickly agreed on the “Feed Me Fix” menu, our only real decision was between the 5 course ‘Quick Fix’ or 6 course ‘Fix Me Up’. I wanted dessert so I had my heart set on 6 and fortunately the non-sweet-tooth Em and Dylan both agreed.

Fix Me Up – 6 dishes to share $54.00 per person

NV Casa Coste Piane Prosecco Valdobbiadene, Italy ($57.00 – flask).

Indecisive about how to start the evening, we followed our waitress’ suggestion of the prosecco. And as there were three of us and we were going to order three glasses we thought we may as well order a flask – why not! I’m not too familiar with prosecco, I’ve most often had it in dessert form as a ‘Sgroppino di rita’ at buzo. Slightly cloudy in appearance, I found the prosecco very light and crisp, a nice smooth way to begin the night.

Fennel, Strzelecki and grape salad.

This salad was amazing with the light aniseed of the crunchy fennel, creamy texture of the strzelecki blue with subtle goat’s milk and mild blue flavours, and the grape was a surprising winner, quite fresh and juicy to balance the rich cheese. The mint was both vibrant on the plate and in flavour, while the radish added a light peppery background to the salad. Lots of big punchy flavours on the plate but all came together and were very well-rounded on the palate.

Fennel, Strzelecki and grape salad

Fennel, Strzelecki and grape salad

Scallop with cauliflower sformato and bacon fat dressing (2009 Mac Forbes Grüner Veltliner, Carnuntum, Austria [$8.00]).

The scallops were nicely seared, some big chunks of rock salt really caught my attention and while very salty it went surprisingly well, perhaps due to the luxurious bacon fat dressing that could have otherwise been overpowering. Although I found the cauliflower acted more as a filler than a flavour, I will definitely be back for more of these.

Scallop with cauliflower sformato and bacon fat dressing

Scallop with cauliflower sformato and bacon fat dressing

House terrine with pickles (2007 Canobolas-Smith Strawhouse Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, Orange, NSW [$8.00]).

I’ve never really had a great terrine so I’m not a huge fan and have always preferred pâté. Sceptical when the third course arrived at the table, my doubts were soon pushed aside. This was truly the nicest terrine I have ever come across; tender and moist all the way through with strong pork and chicken flavours, it was a little tricky to get on to the crispy bread, but well worth the effort. I don’t like pickles so those were left for the others.

House terrine with pickles

House terrine with pickles

Tuna and ocean trout sashimi with horseradish (2010 Prentice Ramato Pinot Gris, Whitlands, VIC [$6.00]).

Sashimi is always well received with Dylan and I, and it’s always nice to be served high quality fresh fish. A fairly simple dish, the finger limes were the real show stopper, lime caviar, pop pop with a sharp lime tang, I can’t believe I had never had these before. The salad of kingfish ceviche and olive oil was a real kick, really strong and peppery. Fresh light delectable sashimi but the finger limes stole the thunder this time.

Tuna and ocean trout sashimi with horseradish

Tuna and ocean trout sashimi with horseradish

Suckling pig with lentils, sprouts and pumpkin (2008 Schmitges ‘Cuvee No. 3’ Dornfelder, Mosel, Germany [$7.00]).

Comfort food at its best. Suckling pig soft and melty, its saltiness mellowed out by the fresh nuttiness of the buttery sprouts. Pumpkin was firm to the bite and cooked nicely all the way through. Lentils were a real highlight of the dish but I can’t place the exact flavour. Everyone at the table devoured this and we could have demolished another plate; it was the dish of the night for sure. And holey moley I love brussel sprouts!

Suckling pig with lentils, sprouts and pumpkin

Suckling pig with lentils, sprouts and pumpkin

Chocolate ‘Yogo’ with raspberry and honeycomb (2004 Cornet & Cie Banyuls, Languedoc Roussillon, France [$10.00]).

Ahhhh yogo, everyone loved yogo growing up. This was a million times better. Silky creamy chocolate mousse which wasn’t sweet at all, the sweetness of the dish increased by the honeycomb, while the tart acidity of the raspberries helped lighten the dessert. Dark chocolate and raspberries are always an awesome marriage of flavours and this was no exception. A brilliant way to end the night, though I have to say I am a little surprised to see the dessert listed on the a la carte menu at $12 each – a little steep in my opinion and unfitting with the value of the rest of the menu.

[Edit: For the record Stuart from Fix St James has clarified that the a la carte dessert is a different portion size to the Fix Me Up menu – which now makes more sense!].

Chocolate ‘Yogo’ with raspberry and honeycomb

Chocolate ‘Yogo’ with raspberry and honeycomb

McLaren Vale Beer Co. Ale ($8.00) // 2010 Patina Sticky Tea Riesling, Orange, NSW ($14.00).

Em and Dylan were up for the suggested cleansing ale, while I was after something a little sweeter. I’ve recently discovered the joys of stickies (I used to finish on a coffee and always found stickies overly sweet and unpleasant to drink). The Patina Stick Tea Riesling was gorgeous, with strong apricot notes and the perfect level of sweetness without being sickly sweet.

One day I hope to have an iota of the knowledge Stuart Knox has of wines and wine matching, but in the meantime I will just have to keep coming back to Fix St James for the stunning food, glorious wines and unpretentious service. It’s a winner in my books.

Fix St James
111 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9232 2767
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Emilee June 15, 2011 at 7:08 pm

yummy second visit for me and it keeps getting better. I really want some moe Yogo


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