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by lex on September 5, 2010



Being a foodie the most difficult question to answer is “What is your favourite food?” I really struggle with it, toss and turn over various cuisines, individual dishes, cherished childhood memories, but when it comes down to it I just can’t choose, I feel it’s like asking a parent to pick their favourite child, how can you possibly choose? I love it all (well, excluding condiments of course – I still wonder why condiments exist?!). Nevertheless if I had to select a top ten pizza would definitely be included. With it’s crunchy base and infinite toppings, what’s not to love? So obviously when heading to the Italian capital of Australia we had to pay a visit to what is reportedly one of the best pizza joints in town, Ladro.

Margherita – tomato, bufala, basil ($16.50).

Simplicity is the key to this timeless classic. The perfect pizza when you have a good quality base and that’s exactly what Ladro has. Thin, crispy, crunchy woodfired base topped with tomato, mozzarella and basil. Simple food done so well, the margherita with three basic toppings is a must every time you go.


Margherita – tomato, bufala, basil

Boscaiola – fior di latte, porcini, field mushrooms, thyme ($21.50).

I had read about this pizza in the Good Food Guide and I just had to try it. Whilst relatively tasty, the mushrooms were perhaps a little too domineering leaving the ‘fior di latte’ (cow’s milk mozzarella) a bit lost. The moisture from the mushrooms combined with the melted mozzarella resulted in quite a sloppy pizza, we couldn’t identify any of the other flavours that lend themselves to the ‘boscaiola’ name and I was slightly disappointed we didn’t choose the Proscuitto or Gamberi e Piselli instead. Though I must say when reheated in the oven (and therefore a bit less sloppy) the left overs did taste pretty good for brekkie the next morning.


Boscaiola – fior di latte, porcini, field mushrooms, thyme

Rocket and parmigiano salad ($9.50).

A classic Italian salad that never goes astray. Whoever thought of this combination is truly awesome. Yum!

Bomboloni – Italian doughnuts with vanilla ice cream and blood orange syrup ($11.00).

The write ups I had read about Ladro all mentioned the Bomboloni, so I twisted Dylan’s arm and made him order us a plate to share. The little balls of doughnut were slightly overdone for my liking and nothing out of the ordinary, I would have actually been more content with a simple hot fluffy cinnamon doughnut. A slightly disappointing end to an otherwise lovely night out.


Bomboloni – Italian doughnuts with vanilla ice cream and blood orange syrup

Ladro Rosso ($13.00), Moo Brew Wheat Beer ($10.50), Ladro Dessert Wine ($12.00).

The only disadvantage of being a group of two was being able to choose only two pizzas (and even then having left overs to take home!). We didn’t get past the first two pizza varieties listed on the menu, but with beautiful bases and promising toppings we might just have to go back to make our way through the rest.

224 Gertrude Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065
(03) 9415 7575
Ladro Website

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